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Main Areas of Practice


business agreements

Let's make a deal! The concepts behind a business deal may be simple, but the draft contract you get from a large partner can be mind-numbingly complex and unintelligible -- not to mention one-sided. You should look for a lawyer who will take the time to understand the needs and desires of both sides and consider the best way to reduce these to writing, without making assumptions about how the agreement will be read years from now. This is precisely what Ethan Andelman has done for many years as an in-house attorney, and his experience in litigating contracts gives him insight into how to phrase the agreement to minimize the risk of later surprises.

ip licensing & Strategy

Intellectual property protection can be tricky. And licensing is even trickier, since it is governed by important and changing law beyond general commercial law. You want an attorney with extensive understanding of all of these various legal concepts to make sure your IP and licenses cover what you need them to cover.  Ethan Andelman has practiced in the IP space his entire career, and has engaged in extensive licensing and counseling for various IP assets, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 


dispute resolution

Legal disputes are commonplace, and you certainly should have a lawyer assist you. However, very few disputes need to wind up in litigation, which is almost always more expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient than you need or want. With nearly a decade of law-firm litigation experience and many years finding business-friendly ways to handle disputes in-house, Ethan Andelman is well-positioned to find creative ways to resolve your dispute without resorting to litigation.