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Big firm training. Start-up experience. Ready for your legal challenges.

Growing companies often have difficulties finding experienced, strategic, and helpful legal support. The right people at law firms can be very expensive –when they don't shunt the work off to inexperienced associates. And independent attorneys may not have the breadth of experience or training in industry to effectively understand the range of legal issues that growing companies face.

You can do better with Andelman Legal. With nearly two decades of top-tier experience in business agreements of all types, IP licensing, and dispute resolution, Andelman Legal can provide you with the high-quality legal support you need.




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Ethan Andelman
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Main Areas of Practice

Business agreements

Do your contracts cover the situations you’re most concerned about?

IP Licensing & Strategy

Are you protecting what needs to be protected?


Dispute Resolution

Can thinking outside the box save you the headache of a lawsuit?